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I first heard of eMeals several years ago from Dave Ramsey, and I subscribed for about a year.  I found the service to be very easy, and only let it lapse because I changed banks and was too lazy to change the account.

Now that we have a baby, and I am busier with classes and night shift I wanted to find an easier way to eat better without having to put a lot of thought into it.

I was very surprised when I went back to the eMeals site and saw how many new plans they have now – my wife and I spent some time “talking” about what would be better.  I wanted slow-cooker for simplicity, or the Aldi plan for frugality – but the clean eating plan won.  I couldn’t even get a compromise on the slow cooker clean eating plan.

Oh well, if that’s what Genny wants, I can accommodate – after all, how many wives will let their crazy husbands grow fish in the basement or run a steam engine on the stove…

I recommend you looking at their site, even if you don’t subscribe to their service, they have a very good concept, and I think you will be well served by checking it out.

They also have a referral program, that I learned about as I went back to reactivate my service – if you have a website you can make a little from passing the word around.  If you click on the link from my site, I make a small percentage of your purchase – but its okay – its going into the I want some land fund, I promise I won’t use it to pay tuition at Diamond Dave’s Ninji School.

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