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Emergency Dentistry Handbook

Book Review: Emergency Dentistry Handbook
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Armed conflict, disaster relief, missionary work, back-country travel, humanitarian aid—these all are situations where you may come into contact with someone experiencing dental pain under adverse conditions.

Emergency Dentistry Handbook is a field guide to providing dental care in such challenging environments, where resources and trained personnel are scarce and you need to save a tooth, manage pain, and prevent the spread of infection.

The guidelines in this book are intended to provide emergency dental care in “forward” areas and help bridge the gap until definitive care can be given by a trained dental professional.

Paramedic Met Clark, who has devoted his professional career to the special challenges of providing medical care in remote and austere environments, shows you how to:

  • recognize and manage dental trauma, inflammation, and infection
  • perform simple procedures for examining and cleaning teeth, draining abscesses, splinting repaired teeth, extracting teeth, and more
  • administer essential medications, including painkillers, antibiotics, topical anesthetics, and various forms of anesthesia
  • identify dental emergencies that require evacuation to a higher level of care
  • stock three levels of field dental kits

Like emergency war surgery, this is not a skill to learn from a book, I have seen some emergency dental workshops for preppers in the past, and I highly recommend you go take one.

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