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Category: Emergency Kits & Gear

Well stocked emergency kits are essential to disaster preparedness. It keeps the important things in one place, and allows you to grab and go in a few seconds if you have to evacuate.

This category contains information related to kits.  We cover things like types of kits, the use of kits, as well as equipment inside emergency kits.

Finally, know that building a kit is a good start.  There is a lot of information on types of disaster kits on the internet.

I found I needed an article just to talk about all the acronyms and types of kits that preppers use.   It is called Introduction to Emergency Kits (like BOBs, INCH, GHB, IFAK, EDC, and GOOD bags).  It is a great place to start.

Modification of the Cold Steel Bird and Trout Neck Knife

Recently while working outside I misplaced my CKRT Neck Peck neck knife. This was a huge loss for me as I really like having a neck knife, its easy to carry, and always there. I do know that there is a lot of tactical questions about a neck knife, especially from a ground fighting perspective, but as a middle aged fat guy that works from a desk, I doubt I will be ground fighting near as much as I will be cutting open packages….