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Emergency Prepper Article

Emergency Prepper Article
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You might remember Emergency from the “Preppers are Socially Selfish” article a few months ago.* It wasn’t just their premise that upset me, but that  the “Academic” Author that proudly professed her lack of real world response experience put forth several “apologies” that were more “I’m sorry you are angry” or “I am sorry there is so many angry responses” – she never actually realized why people were angry, and soon retired without seeing the benefit preppers bring to their communities.

I also wondered about the tone of that article, since only a few weeks earlier, the editor wrote a column wondering why the preparedness message sent out by FEMA and non-governmental organizations like the Red Cross was not well received by the average citizen.

I responded to him that when you cry that the average person won’t listen to your advice, you should not follow up on the moaning by alienating those that take do your advice…

Anyway, I was quite pleased to see Emergency has posted a pro-prepper article entitled “Why Emergency Managers Shouldn’t Alienate Preppers“.  Of course this opinion was written by someone with field experience- maybe that’s the reason for the change of tone?

Just like I believed that the first article deserved comment by preppers explaining why Preppers are anything but selfish, and should be respected by the Emergency Management  community, I think this new article deserves comment rewarding the more enlightened viewpoint.

In my opinion, if preppers are tired of being marginalized, then we need to build bridges with the Emergency Management community where appropriate.

*Update: has changed to Govtec and has removed the article.

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