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Estimating Small Stream Water Flow

Estimating Small Stream Water Flow
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This is an excerpt from a larger document the best I can tell.  I don’t know where it comes from, but if you want to develop hydro-power in small scale the information is vital.

This document gives essential instruction, charts, and graphs to allow a layperson to accurately measure the flow of a body of water.  If you want to build a ram pump or small generator, then having the ability to begin estimating small stream water flow is a basic and essential first step.

Before looking at this document, I knew that things like valves slowed the water and decreased flow, but I had no idea how to calculate it.

Knowing how to estimate water will tell you quickly if your project is economical and worth the resources to do.  I would not want a person to labor and build a system that was not big enough for them to recoup the costs because their stream did not have enough flow to generate the energy their project needed.

As I tell my Dad when we disagree on projects.  There is a time to calculate and be precise, and a time to just buckle down and get it done.  When its time to do something exact, it is nice to have the information needed to BE exact.

Estimating Small Stream Water Flow


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