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Expedient Fallout Shelters

Expedient Fallout Shelters
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I have added several links to old FEMA and DOE shelters from the cold war, and I have talked about Kearny’s Nuclear War Survival Skills.  This Expedient Fallout Shelters PDF is a little of both.

It contains several types Expedient Fallout Shelters that anyone can make.  However, they are FALLOUT shelters not BOMB shelters.  The difference is significant.  Also being EXPEDIENT they are not the best fallout shelters available – they are shelters that the common man can build without heavy equipment.

I particularly like the portions on homemade lamps, stoves, and filters, which reminds me of the Kearney book.  Actually it was probably lifted from his work.  Since Cresson Kearny was an engineer that worked for ORNL (Oak Ridge National Laboratories) that makes sense.  Since we are talking about him, his Wikipedia page is very interesting.

Kearny was a bit of a bad ass – inventing many items for jungle warfare, working in the OSS, and a bunch of other bad stuff.

The link below opens a PDF on Expedient Fallout Shelters.

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