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Expedient Homemade Firearms

Book Review: Expedient Homemade Firearms
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The author of Expedient Homemade Firearms provides clear, step-by-step instructions for and expedient 9mm sub-machine gun. It is easily constructed from readily available materials, primarily steel tubing; it does not require a lathe and milling machine and it can be built by just about anyone in about a week. Expedient is For Academic Study Only.

I enjoyed this book, and by reading about the process of building an open bolt submachine gun was good academic study.

Any discussion of this book prompts a mention of the author.

This book was used to as evidence to convict him on weapons charges and he spent several years in a UK penitentiary.

PA Luty was, by all accounts, a model inmate, and and even though the warden and several others stated he was a model prisoner, the politics of the crime ensured that he did not get paroled.

I find this book an invaluable asset when it comes to free thinking, problem solving, and using materials outside of common use, but using this to build an unregistered machine gun is not recommended.

However, if the time ever comes where it is prudent and wise to be able to manufacture expedient firearms, I would imagine that this book would be long unavailable, so it may be smart to pick up a copy – Just In Case.

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