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Far Beyond Defensive Tactics

Book Review: Far Beyond Defensive Tactics
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Far Beyond Defensive Tactics is one of the best defensive tactics books on the market.

I have read, reread, dog-eared, and written in the margins of this book – then went out and bought a new copy just in case.

I have personally used several of the concepts in this book in real life encounters within the walls of state prisons when I worked maximum security after I got out of the Marines.

The information on how to get a combative drunk out from behind the wheel of his car was a story I adapted and used inside the prison to deal with inmates that took over their pie flap (A pis flap is a small fole in the middle of the door that is created to pass items like food trays without opening the door)

His information on keeping cool and controlling the situation – basically not letting the bad guy goad you into bad decisions is also something I use quite often in real life.

Christensen is a thinking man’s warrior, and if you judge a man by those around him, he has collaborated with Lt. Col Grossman and Gaven de Becker.

This book should be in the library of anyone concerned about use of force.

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