Gear Review: Faraday Cell Phone Bag for Information Security

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Gear Review: Faraday Cell Phone Bag for Information Security

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In earlier videos on DIY faraday cages I used cell phones to show that the homemade bags did prevent the EM radiation from penetrating.  I was not doing it to show how to protect your cell phone in a nuclear war – there would be no cell towers to use it.  Rather I was only using it as proof the cages worked.

This video is different.  The use of a Faraday Cell Phone Bag for Information Security is a good idea as it prevents your location and conversation from being transmitted while it is in the bag.

I use it when I go to the land to work and I don’t want my wife to keep calling me over and over asking me if when I am coming home or how much I spent in backhoe parts….

It would also be great to use if you were having a private meeting and you did not want it to be compromised.

It is understood that the NSA can track people and build information on networks and traveling habits by following phones from tower to tower.  If 1000 people were at tower A at 1, and then  750 of those people were using cell tower B 15 minutes later, then 500 at tower C 15 minutes after that it can be postulated that they are all driving down the road, as the goverment gathers information, it can track movements between towers and with enough data can deduce that two people were traveling together and meeting with a group.

This cheap bag can prevent that if it is used properly.

It is a neat idea and I need a couple.

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