Farm Poultry

Farm Poultry

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Just about every homestead I know started with chickens, I live in a subdivision and have kept chickens for years.

In the book to the left, Joel Salatin talks about how to make money with chickens.

I’ve never made money with chickens (except a little with eggs), but I know that farm poultry are almost considered essential.

Besides the eggs and meat, chickens kill bugs, eat scraps, kill snakes, and if used correctly can help prepare your garden bed.

Done incorrectly they can destroy your garden, your budget, your relations with your spouse, and cause neighborhood drama as they have a habit of getting killed by dogs.

Farm poultry do have pros and cons, but the same can be said of every animal.  I love keeping them, my wife likes bringing them to school so she can brag about her chickens as she gives away my hard earned eggs.

I have had several posts about my chickens over the years, and I have tried a bunch of different coop ideas to keep the neighborhood dogs out as it is not as acceptable in a subdivision to kill dogs as it is on the farm.  One of my best received poultry articles was on the basic gear needed to start with chicks.

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