Can You Feed Slumgum to Chickens?

Can You Feed Slumgum to Chickens?
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Let’s see what happens when I feed beehive slumgum to chickens.

This is a little experiment I did to try to utilize waste from my beehives.
Honeycomb melts cleanly; it is mostly used one time, and is only mixed with honey and has a light color. Brood comb is from the same wax, but it is used several times to raise larva into honey bees. It is dark to black, and when melted leaves crud that is a mixture of bee waste, parts, and cocoon.

This residue is called slum gum, and is always something that I hate to throw away because no matter how much I try, there is always some valuable beeswax left in the slum gum when I render out my wax.

Beeswax is edible

It also has additional antibiotic values, and everything else in the slum gum is organic in nature, I decided to get some and see if my chickens would eat it.

They started out slowly picking out the juicy parts = mostly the cooked hived beetles, but they ended up eating pretty much all of it.

This won’t replace, or even supplement, normal feeding, but at least I don’t feel like I am wasting my wax.

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