Fireworks Safety

Fireworks Safety

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I love fireworks, as a matter of fact, I enjoy making smaller fireworks (following all the applicable laws and safety procedures).

However, as a child I saw my father almost loose a hand to some ill advised gunpowder usage – it stuck with me and while I am rather fast and loose with some safety protocols, I do try to ensure that my firework fun follows the Fireworks Safety rules I will share below:

  • Know and obey the law.  (Consumer fireworks are illegal in one out of five states.)
  • Read the label!  There will be warnings and instructions; follow them!
  • If you buy your fireworks more than a few hours before you plan to use them, make sure they’re stored in cool, dry conditions.
  • Wear eye protection.  There is some danger even if everything goes perfectly!
  • Light fireworks only on a smooth, flat surface well away from any structure.  Make sure, also, that there is nothing flammable (like dry leaves) nearby.
  • Do not let children light, or even handle, fireworks.
  • Never throw fireworks of any kind at any living thing.
  • If you get a dud, never try to re-light it.  In fact, play it safe – drown the dud in water.  Fuses thought to be out have somehow re-ignited.
  • Keep a supply of water on hand; better a bucket than a hose.
  • Don’t experiment.  Tinkering, disassembling, or covering fireworks with something like a tin can is begging for trouble.  Let the professionals build them, and blow them up the way the professionals intended!

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