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Homesteading: First Night on the Homestead

Homesteading: First Night on the Homestead
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The video below is the first night anyone camped out overnight on the Hickman County Homestead.

The first night on the homestead is a pivotal event for any new pioneer.  It is hard to describe to someone that has never experienced it how exciting and joyful it is to sleep on land that you own and have labored on.

In this video we haven’t really done much on the property, and much of our original plans have changed as the reality sets in and we learn just how hard it is to do some of the things we dream about.

The rough area depected in the video has been cleared, and I am in the process of leveling it so that I can build a shed that will “temporarilly” hold my sawmill and hopefully eventually house a foundry/blacksmith area.

However, who really knows what I will end up putting here as it is the best building spot adjacent to the main work area.  there is an  old logging road that runs beside it and it overlooks the dirt road at the front of the property.

My wife and I have discussed using it as a goat barn – but I have my heart set on a blacksmith shed.

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