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The First Steps After a Flood

The Red Cross Brochure – The First Steps After a Flood starts by assuming that your home has been flooded.   It says that although floodwaters may be down in some areas, many dangers still exist .

The PDF gives you things to remember in the days ahead.

This is a pretty small document, it outlines the very basics of flood remediation and tells what resources the Red Cross offers to flood victims.

Basically they can help you by providing you with a voucher to purchase new clothing, groceries, essential medications, bedding, essential furnishings, and other items to meet emergency needs.

The Red Cross can also provide you with a cleanup kit: mop, broom, bucket, and cleaning supplies.

Listen to local radio stations to find out where to go for this assistance, or look up American Red Cross in the phone book and call.

I have worked several floods, and they are always nasty things to get over, FEMA comes in an offers money, but be careful you understand the process.

During the 2010 Nashville floods, the powers that be felt that the best thing would be to help the flood victims rent RV’s while their homes were flooded.

They offered a couple thousand dollars to help with that, however, they did not say that the money would all the assistance most would get and if they used it for RV rental then they could not use it for cleanup or insurance deductibles.

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