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First Time Using the Lumbersmith Portable Sawmill


First Time Use of Lumbersmith Portable Sawmill
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I wanted a sawmill for a long time, but the high price-tag has kept me from realizing the dream.  Unfortunately, I could not afford to buy a $30,000 mill for the light work I had planned.  I also didn’t have the ability to move a heavy machine.

Then one day I was searching Craigslist and saw a $1,600 sawmill.  I did some quick internet research and learned about the lumbersmith portable sawmill.

These sawmills cost around $2,200 new and weigh about 110 pounds.  This solves both problems.  It is affordable and is portable.

The mill is actually designed to be carried into the woods to cut trees where they fall using a homemade track system that the owner constructs themselves.

In all honesty, there is a learning curve to cutting wood with the lumbersmith portable sawmill.  Actually I have come to find out that there is a learning curve cutting with any bandsaw.

I don’t really like the track setup and I want to buy the optional push bar, but I am very pleased with the machine as a whole.  It allows me to do things I could not normally do – like turn the trees I have to clear into useful lumber.

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