Five Acres and Independence


Book Review: Five Acres and Independence
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Five Acres and Independence is a classic, no small homestead is complete without this handbook. However, it can be a challenge to read, as it was written back in the 40’s and republished several times.

The small amount of mental work adjusting to the wording saves an untold amount of physical labor as well as waste.

Mr. Kains was a noted horticulturalist, and his guidance is of extreme use to the homesteader. He tells how to use each production stream to benefit the whole – like my rabbit manure fertilizing my plants, and my plant waste feeding my fish…

He shows how to plan for the best use of land, and how to avoid waste. How to site your buildings, what to build first. If your planning on buying a small plot of land and trying to grow a large portion of your own food, this book should be studied BEFORE you buy. It just might save you some heartbreak.

I am not sure if the are are any wanna be homesteaders that does not own this book, it has been the stuff of dreams and preparation for thousands of people planning to go off grid over the decades it has been in print.

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