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How to Use a Floor Scraper as a Debarking Spud

Homesteading: Floor Scraper as a Debarking Spud
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I will admit that on occasion my devotion to finding useful prepper macgyverisms causes me to spend too much energy when the old tried and true methods work better and are simpler.

Actually this happens more than I would like to admit, but on occasion I have an idea that works great and makes life easier.  The feeling I get when this happens is so good I would imagine it is like crack.

Today’s article on using a floor scraper as a debarking spud is one of those great ideas that actually work.

In clearing land for a shed, I had to cut several young trees that I had to find a use for because they were too nice to let go to waste.

I decided to use them as posts and beams for sheds and for (hopefully) a reciprocal roof.  In order to let these logs season rather than stay wet and rot I needed to remove the bark.

Normally this is done with a debarking spud, but in looking at them I realized two things. Spuds are simple tools and they are expensive.  However keeping in mind the basic shape and desired use when I saw a floor scraper for $10.00 at the local harbor freight I bought it to try.

Luckily the tool worked awesome for what I needed it to so I did not have to modify it nor find a use for it before my wife realized I bought another tool from harbor freight.

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