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FM 105-6-2 Nuclear Play Calculator (1964)

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FM 105-6-2 Nuclear Play Calculator provides guidance on procedures and techniques for evaluating the nuclear play of allied forces during technical exercises.

It also provides the necessary aids in determining the assessments of hostile forces of nuclear strikes performed by allied forces with nuclear weapons.

I have some experience in this on two fronts, military and civilian.  As an Emergency Management Planner, I played a part in planning several statewide full scale nuclear accident exercise and used similar documents that focused on nuclear power plants instead of nuclear weapons.

I also had the privileged of attending Response to Radiological/Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Incidents course at the Nevada Test Site (Area 50).

However, my first experience with nuclear play came when I worked in the Maintenance Management Shop of Ordinance Maintenance Company, 2nd Maintenance Battalion, 2nd FSSG when I got to order things for the company.  I learned we had a nuclear bomb simulator in the system and I tried to order one.  Basically it was several 55 gallon drums of gasoline and some C-4.  I got a talking to for that one, but surprisingly it was not as loud as the one I got for trying to order a tranquilizer gun and some darts.

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