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FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers (1988)

FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers (1988)
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FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers is a great reference.  The time may come when you must instantly apply your knowledge of lifesaving and first aid measures, possibly under combat or other adverse conditions.

This manual gives any soldier observing an unconscious and/or ill, injured, or wounded person the skill to carefully evaluate them to determine the first aid measures required to prevent further injury or death.

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He should seek help from medical personnel as soon as possible, but must NOT interrupt his evaluation or treatment of the casualty. A second person may be sent to find medical help.

One of the cardinal principles of treating a casualty is that the initial rescuer must continue the evaluation and treatment, as the tactical situation permits, until he is relieved by another individual. if, during any part of the evaluation, the casualty exhibits the conditions for which the soldier is checking, the soldier must stop the evaluation and immediately administer first aid. In a chemical environment, the soldier should not evaluate the casualty until the casualty has been masked and given the antidote. After providing first aid, the soldier must proceed with the evaluation and continue to monitor the casualty for further medical complications until relieved by medical personnel. Learn the following procedures well. You may become that soldier who will have to give first aid some day.

FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers (1988)


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