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FM 21-76-1 Multi-Service Evasion & Recovery Manual

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FM 21-76-1 Multi-Service Evasion & Recovery Manual is an UNCLASSIFIED publication is designed to provide Service members quick-reference survival, evasion, and recovery information. See Appendix B for the scope, purpose, application, implementation plan, and user information.

This manual is basically a survival manual designed to help the serviceman survive and get rescued by friendly forces while staying hard to detect by unfriendly ones.

This manual shares a lot of similar information to the US Army Survival Manual, but it has a different mission and focus on getting rescued and avoiding capture.  Both manuals are worth studying and bouncing information off of each other.

I would caution you from reading this manual and believing you are ready to survive the wilderness.  Army Survival manuals are the basis of many survival books and the information contained within are widely accepted, however, that does not mean they are alway appropriate or always work.

I know from personal experience that knowing this material front to back does not mean you can do it under stress.  You can light a fire by friction, some can do in a few seconds, but it takes a lot of practice and knowledge of wood types that just isn’t found in a book.

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