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FM 23-31 40MM Grenade Launchers M203 & M79

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FM 23-31 40MM Grenade Launchers M203 & M79 provides technical information, training techniques, and combat techniques of the M203 grenade launcher.

Intended users include leaders and designated grenadiers, who will use this information to successfully integrate the M203 into their combat operations. This manual discusses gunnery training and train-the-trainer, and includes an appendix on the M79 40-mm grenade launcher.

The tactical positions shown in this manual were drawn to enhance the reader’s understanding of related subject material and are not tactically correct.

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This 2 DVD set contains over 7 Gigs of US and foreign military manuals and documents including courses, technical and field weapon manuals, training aids, special operations manuals, Army regs, and much more.

This 2 DVD set is $10 with free shipping.


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