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FM 23-41 Submachine guns caliber 45 M3 AND M3A1

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The purpose of FM 23-41 Submachine guns caliber 45 M3 AND M3A1 is to provide a source of information to individual soldiers and guide- lines to instructors on the Submachineguns, Caliber .45, M3 and M3A1.

The material presented for the individual soldier includes mechanical training, marksmanship training, familiarization firing, and other information pertaining to the care and handling of the weapon.

The advice to instructors chapter is not intended as a final guidance, but as a starting point for commanders to use in establishing a training program for the sub-machinegun.

The submachine gun is a secondary individual weapon intended primarily for self-defense in close combat. It is primarily carried by members of tank crews, on combat engineer vehicles, and battalion/squadron maintenance personnel. It is used at close ranges or when a crew must dismount from a disabled vehicle. The soldier must keep his weapon in good working condition and have the utmost confidence in his marksmanship ability. This ability can be acquired only through study and practical training.

I was a crewman and later commander of an M88 Tank Retriever and in the manual for that beast I was told that the crew of the M88 would be issued M3 submachine guns – this  made me happy.  Alas, it would not come to pass and I never got to fire a .45 caliber grease gun in the service.  However, I still find them pretty awesome.

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