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FM 3-3-1 Nuclear Contamination Avoidance (1994)

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FM 3-3-1 Nuclear Contamination Avoidance (1994) shows that avoidance is the best defense against enemy use of nuclear weapons.

Avoidance reduces the risk of being targeted by nuclear weapons and minimizes the effects of nuclear contamination hazards.

Knowing where contamination exists or how long the hazard may persist is essential to avoiding the hazard.

Enemy use of nuclear weapons makes battlefield operations more difficult and time consuming. Combat, combat support, and combat service support operations may be more difficult to perform in a nuclear environment. Tasks/missions may take more time because of the problems created by nuclear contamination. Nuclear attacks may cause casualties, materiel losses, and creation of obstacles. Training will reduce the problems caused by nuclear attacks on the unit. Units must locate clean areas as well as locate contamination in a nuclear environment. Contaminated units will have to perform decontamination (decon) operations.

To survive and accomplish the mission, individuals and units must take precautions to avoid or minimize effects of initial and residual nuclear hazards. The threat of contamination may force individuals and units into collective protection. Using collective protection requires special procedures that are time consuming. See FM 3-4 for information on what measures or steps an enemy nuclear attack may affect friendly forces. FM 3-3 outlines how to anticipate an enemy chemical or biological attack and minimize the effects on friendly forces.

FM 3-3-1 Nuclear Contamination Avoidance (1994)

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