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FM 3-4 USMC NBC Protection (1994)

FM 3-4 USMC NBC Protection (1994)
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NBC weapons are among the most hazardous on the battlefield. The doctrine of many potential enemies calls for their wartime employment of NBC weapons. In order to deter an enemy from exercising this option, US forces must be continuously prepared to fight and win using NBC protection.

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To fight and win under NBC conditions requires an application of the three fundamentals of NBC defense-contamination avoidance, protection, and decontamination, at all levels of command, coupled with an effective retaliatory response.

When I worked in emergency management, a large part of my job was teaching hazardous material response – most particularly radiological.  I was a hazardous material technician, but mostly I taught.

I found that there is a lot of misconceptions about NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) warfare, and people tend to fear what they don’t understand.

A prepper can get down the rabbit hole pretty easy with NBC (also called WMD or CBRNE), but it is not normally necessary to get a truly in depth knowledge.

You should know more about NBC that “put plastic wrap and duct tape around your house”, I think this book is a good start toward having enough knowledge to protect yourself without trying to become an expert at something that is not as likely to occur as a tornado or earthquake.

FM 3-4 USMC NBC Protection (1994)


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