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FM 5-25 Explosives & Demolitions

FM 5-25 Explosives & Demolitions
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FM 5-25 Explosives & Demolitions contains chapters on demolition materials and accessories firing systems electrical and non-electrical. Calculation and placement of charges, timber cutting, steel cutting, breaching charges, cratering and ditching, safe handling and storage procedures. Well illustrated.

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Like combatives, or any other physical skill you should not try to learn this skill out a book.

FM 5-25 is a great manual, and the military is the best around at breaking down skills to teach unskilled teenagers how to master complex skills under stress.

However, mistakes with explosives maim if your lucky – they kill everyone around.

Besides, the government takes a dim view of people learning about explosives in their basement – the mindset to commit a crime is not required – just having the materials without the proper licenses will send you to prison.

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