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FM 5-250 Explosives & Demolitions

FM 5-250 Explosives & Demolitions
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The purpose of FM 5-250 Explosives & Demolitions is to provide technical information on explosives used by United States military forces and their most frequent applications. This manual does not discuss all applications but presents the most current information on demolition procedures used in most situations.

If used properly, explosives serve as a combat multiplier to deny maneuverability to the enemy. Focusing mainly on these countermobility operations, this manual provides a basic theory of explosives, their characteristics and common uses, formulas for calculating various types of charges, and standard methods of priming and placing these charges.

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When faced with unusual situations, the responsible engineer must either adapt one of the recommended demolition methods or design the demolition from basic principles presented in this and other manuals.

The officer in charge must maintain ultimate responsibility for the demolition design, ensuring the safe and efficient application of explosives.

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