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FM 5-31 Boobytraps

FM 5-31 Boobytraps
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FM 5-31 Boobytraps includes chapters introduction and principles of boobytraps, basic doctrine, planning and installation, equipment firing devices, demolition materials including small missile construction techniques, miscellaneous boobytraps from improvised materials. Also chapter on detecting and removing boobytraps, clearing and disarming methods. Heavily illustrated.

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This isn’t an appropriate story, but one that I thought was pretty funny at the time, while FM 5-31 is not going to make you a demolition expert, as a teenager that loved learning, but hated school – and who was a bit of a misguided rebel (who pleasured in reading science in history and history in english – can we say rebel without a clue) I decided to leave my mark on the world.

I used the manual listed here, with information in TM 31-210 Improvised Munitions Handbook along with a clock and a very large and expensive commercial grade firework mortar hidden on the roof of the football field bathroom timed to ignite at the end of my High School Graduation.  Unfortunately my timing was off and it went off during the ceremony.  Needles to say people were not pleased.  Lesson learned – don’t go using military manuals to do stupid stuff.

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