Bulk Food Storage Using Mylar Bags

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There are many reasons to store bulk food.  Bulk food is cheaper, and when you buy in bulk you insulate yourself from rising food costs.  Bulk food storage is the backbone of long term emergency preparedness.

Anyone who has seen images of Haiti, or Katrina, or Tsunami survivors knows that our infrastructure is fragile, and even with the best efforts of government it takes time to get the wheels of commerce rolling again.

For this project I stored Hard Red Wheat, Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Rice, and Pinto beans.  This was stored in free recycled buckets from local bakeries and packaged in Mylar bags.

I used smaller gallon bags and put different commodities in each bucket to diversify my risk.  If also helps if I want to provide charity, because I can give a single bucket at a time that contains multiple food items rather than a 5 gallon bucket of wheat berries.

Bulk food storage using mylar bags is pretty simple.  All you need to do is:

  • Select the size of bag (1 or 5 gallon bags are most common) the thickness of the bag (I like bags that are between 4-7 mils in thickness).
  • Fill with your selected food
  • Add an oxygen absorber if needed (Sugar and Salt do not need O2 absorbers, and turn into bricks if used with one)
  • Press shut and seal with an iron on medium heat.

The video below will walk you through the steps – but it is really pretty simple to do and should not be a problem for even a new prepper.

David Nash :Dave Nash is a Author and Instructor that is dedicated to learning and sharing new ways to efficiently and resourcefully homestead and prepare for disasters.

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