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Category: Kitchen & Farm

The Kitchen and Farm section of this site is pretty big.  There are a lot of recipes and cooking techniques.  Most new preppers start by learning how to store things to eat.  This category is filled with food storage posts.

In this category I show:

Cooking Techniques
Wine and Cheese Making
Animal Husbandry

Last of all this category shows prepper items such as how to purify and store water as well as a lot on canning and other storage techniques.

Even though this category could be named homesteading I chose not to.  Due to my creating a section called Homestead Building that contains information on homestead development.

In other words this category is vitally important to disaster preparedness.

How to Make Homemade Cream of Wheat

Like all good preppers, I have a substantial store of wheat berries dutifully packed away in Mylar bags and nitrogen packed buckets. However, its a lot easier to buy and pack wheat than it is to cook with it. Because of this I have been purchasing wheat cookbooks and messing around trying to find recipes that work well with my lifestyle. On of the very first workable recipes I found was homemade cream of wheat.

How to Build a Chicken House Using a Old Crate

As you can no doubt tell, I really like my chicken tractor, but I want more chickens, and my yard just cannot handle any more tractors without having a traffic jam. So I have been surfing the net and reading my chicken raising books to decide on the best chicken house set up. I decided on building a raised house (like a rabbit hutch) with a laying box arrangement.