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ARC Checklist for People with Mobility Problems

ARC Checklist for People with Mobility Problems
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For the millions of Americans with mobility problems, emergencies such as fires and floods present a special challenge. Protecting yourself and your family when disaster strikes requires planning ahead.  This American Red Cross Checklist for People with Mobility Problems will help you get started.

Discuss these ideas with your family, friends, or a personal care attendant, and prepare an emergency plan. Post the plan where everyone will see it.

When I worked in the states fixed nuclear facilities program my main duty was training, but I had additional duties to ensure that the local emergency management officials at the county levels knew the locations of all citizens that had mobility issues and who had requested assistance in an evacuation.

It was (is) and interesting solution to the problem of learning who needs help and where they live.

Each year the owners of our nuclear power plants (in this case the Tennessee Valley Authority) send out calendars.  People put calendars where they can see them and they write on them and use them.

These calendars had more than dates, they had emergency information inside – to include the evacuation sectors, maps, and locations of shelters.

Additionally, these TVA calendars had a postcard that a person could use to self identify if they had needs during an evacuation or a shelter event.

They would mail these cards in and I would get them, catalog the information, and then send the cards to the counties so that they could also redundantly make a list of who needed help.

It was a large task, and I got probably a foot high stack each each year, but each card represented a families needs.

Unfortunately I got a lot of cards where people used the free postage to tell me about their religious views or how much they disliked nuclear power.  I guess you get trolls even without the internets.

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