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Arcadia Machine and Tool (AMT) Firearm Manuals

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I remeber my Dad having a AMT 380 backup from Arcadia Machine and Too, he carried it around in his back pocket long enough that when mom found he bought a new pistol he could honestly say – that thing, I’ve had that for a while.  I remember being so impressed that 15 or so years later I bought my own.  I ended up selling it when I got a Kel Tec 3AT which suited me much better.

Arcadia Machine & Tool, commonly abbreviated to AMT, was a firearms manufacturer from Irwindale, California. The company produced several weapons, primarily clones of existing firearms, but made from stainless steel rather than the traditional steel used for most firearms of the time.

AMT was described by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) as one of the “Ring of Fire companies“, known for their large-scale manufacture of Saturday night specials. The company filed for bankruptcy after their products were marred with quality and reliability problems, and the assets and trademark were acquired by Irwindale Arms Incorporated (IAI). Later, in 1998, Galena Industries of Sturgis, South Dakota, purchased the company and produced firearms in the style of AMT’s until 2001 when Crusader Gun Company (later High Standard Manufacturing Company) of Houston, Texas purchased it.

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Also in the event you are interested, all of these gun documents I am posting can be found on the disk I have listed to your left.  Additionally to the hundreds of documents I have posted, I have hundreds of gun patents (mostly suppressors) as well as class PowerPoints and targets. all for $5.


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