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Arcus Firearm Manual

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The 45-year-old Bulgarian firm ARCUS builds a wide variety of automotive parts, as well as machine tools and exercise equipment.

They were originally established as a defense contractor and supply fuses for artillery shells and aircraft bombs, up to 40mm grenades, and manufacture both shoulder-fired low velocity grenade launchers and handguns.

They build the Model 94 pistols, essentially a copy of the single-action Belgian FN Hi-Power pistol. This pistol had the same length, height and width of the P-35. Grips and magazines, as well as most internal parts, were interchangeable.

Century Arms was the former importer. Though still manufactured, it appears that importation ceased around 2007.

It has been replaced in the U.S. by the model 98DA, that is capable of double action first shot firing. The pistol is also available in a so-called “compact” version, the model 98DAC, with a shorter 4” barrel and frame. This uses a 13 round magazine and butt length of the P-35. The pistols are also imported into the U.S. by Century Arms and are intended as high value, low cost service pistols.

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