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ATF P 3312.3 Issued Firearms Care & Maintenance

ATF P 3312.3 Issued Firearms Care & Maintenance
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ATF P 3312.3 Issued Firearms Care & Maintenance is the BATFE manual on how to care for their issued weapons.

Based upon some of the decisions that come from them on what is, then is not, then might be legal I would think it would be written in Crayon.

The manual was compiled from various industry/military sources and personal experience to aid the agent in proper care and maintenance of their Sig P225, 226, and 228, their auxiliary revolver, Remington 870, MP5, AR, and their Remington 40XB rifle.

Where do they carry all this stuff?  Maybe the meme is true?

I probably should not poke the bear, but this agency is way outside the scope of the Constitution and with the fast and furious scandals, the ruling that a shoestring is a machine gun, and training documents that threaten firing squads for whistleblowers (was blown off as a “joke”) should have all those weapons blows my mind.

ATF P 3312.3 Issued Firearms Care & Maintenance
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When I interviewed the author of Homeland Insecurity I asked him about some of this – fast and furious more specifically and got the viewpoint of a career federal agent.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for law and order, and I support Law Enforcement fully.

However, I believe in rule of law, and the BATFE’s idea of constructive possession, and how they use regulation to make law, and those regulations flip and flop depending on the politics of the day really burns me up.





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