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Auto Ordnance Firearm Manuals

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One of the first guns I ever purchased after leaving the Marince was an Auto Ordnance 1911 – I installed some nice mother of pearl grips and got a very nice leather holster from “The Famous Jackass Leather Company” later known as Galco.

It was this gun that I used when I was accosted by some urban youths as I drove my rusted out mercury monarch in the bad part of Nashville as I looked for the uniform store that the Sherriff sent me to when he hired me as a Deputy Jailer.

I was stopped at the light in front of the old Nashville bus station and this kid left his group and got into my car (I know it should have been locked) and since I was lost, I used it as an opportunity to get directions from a local.  I thanked him for getting in my car – which elicited a funny look as he did not expect that  (I messed up his OODA).  I told him I was lost and I needed to get to the uniform store since I needed a uniform.  He said I wasn’t no cop.  To which I replied, well I don’t have uniforms but I sure have this gun.

The sight of the big .45 made him want to get out of the car, but he changed his mind and helped me find the uniform store.  Now I was on terminal leave at the time, and that sure could have went wrong, but while I did everything wrong, I still like .45s and the Auto Ordinance Brand.

Auto Ordnance 30 Carbine

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Auto Ordnance 1911

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