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BioFuels for Transportation

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Today I have a German document entitled BioFuels for Transportation, Global potential and implications for sustainable agriculture and energy in the 21st century.

The report, Biofuels for Transportation: Global Potential and Implications for Sustainable Agriculture and Energy in the 21st Century, aims at presenting the opportunities, but also the limits, of global biofuel production and use in terms of energy, agricultural, environmental, and rural development aspects, as well as in economic terms. The report also examines the impact of globally expanded biofuel production on Germany’s biofuel sector. Finally, the study presents detailed recommendations for action for decision-makers in politics, industry, and elsewhere.

Central elements of the study include:

  • Consolidation of previous German studies and experience;
  • Regional studies and workshops in Brazil, China, India, Tanzania, as well as the United States;
  • Global analysis and derivation of recommendations for action; and
  • Incorporation of the results into the international debate.

The regional studies (available at analyze the current market usage of liquid biofuels, new technologies, land availability, relevant trade issues, environmental risks and opportunities, social aspects, and many other factors. The global study assesses the potential role of biofuels in the future global energy matrix and in sustainable development. This provides a basis for developing recommendations for policymakers.

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