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Biological Threat

Biological Threat
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Biological Threat is an chapter in an unknown book.

I found it to be a good piece of information so I included it as today’s PDF.

If you happen to recognize it, I would love to give credit to the author.

I don’t worry about chemical attacks, and I am not afraid of thunderstorms, active shooters, or nuclear weapons.

Biowar that scares me.

The for under $1000 a terrorist with a little knowledge can produce a biological agent.  Such an agent can kill tens of thousands of people.  What makes it worse, it that exposed persons can be contagious days before showing signs or symptoms.  That should scare everyone.

Biological agents can spread widely  With a chemical agent, you normally see fast acting agents.  If I am at a mall and a bunch of people start to collapse I am moving quickly in the other direction.

In that same mall, I may sit down for lunch a few feet away from someone actively spreading a disease and never notice.

An example of how easy a bioweapon can be used can be found in the story of the 1984 Terrorist Attack in Oregon

A cult group had members on the ballot for local elections.  They wanted to incapacitate rival voters so that they would not be able to vote.

The group used salmonella culture to place in the glasses of some city councilmen.  They also contaminated the salad bars at 10 local restaurants.  The terrorists infected over 750 people.

The townspeople were suspicious and voted in large numbers out of spite.

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