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Breda 12 Firearm Manual

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The Breda 12 autoloader, which appeared in the U.S. in the early 1950s, was an exceptionally well made, long-recoil operated, Browning-type shotgun. Its distinguishing features were that it could be completely disassembled without tools, and all parts were machined and polished.

The Breda was the only autoloading shotgun made that could be disassembled without the use of screwdrivers or other tools. All the parts are interlocking and do not require screws.
Bredas may have been imported in small numbers early on, but it was first imported in large numbers by Continental Arms, in the 1950s. Later, it was handled by Dakin Gun Company and, finally, by Charles Daly, in the late 1960s.

Just what made the Breda autoloader so special? As stated, it was an improved and modernized version of the Browning.

In short, the Breda was one of the best-finished autoloaders on the market, when it appeared. Additionally, it was light; only Franchi could claim a lighter gun. The balance and the handling qualities were very good, and it was advertised as being a perfect autoloader for upland gunning.

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