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Budischowsky Tp-70 Firearm Manual

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I am sharing this Budischowsky Tp-70 Firearm Manual but I have no experience with one and have never actually seen a Tp-70

All the information I have on this pistol comes from the manual and what wikipedia says:

The TP-70 was a double-action pocket pistol in .22 and .25 caliber, designed by West German firearm designer Edgar Budischowsky, based on an amalgamation of Colt and Walther designs.[1] It was initially produced by Korriphilia in Heidelberg, and later produced by Norton Armaments of Mount Clemens, Michigan, as the TP-22, or “Budischowsky” from 1973-1977; the Michigan models were of better quality than later models made in Florida and Utah.I am not very fond of small .22 and .25 handguns.  It is my belief that the .380 is the bare minimum defensive caliber and a .380 is a good gun to carry when you don’t feel like carrying a gun.

I have a small kel-tec 3AT that I carry when I can’t get away with carrying a handgun.  Anything larger will pull down my swimshorts so there is a legitimate use of a small handgun – nobody is ready for my shorts to fall down…

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