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Canada CD Your Emergency Pack

Canada CD Your Emergency Pack
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Canada CD Your Emergency Pack talks about having a bug out kit available in the event you have to leave quickly to escape a nuclear bomb.

In the event of a nuclear attack, you may find yourself in one of two situations.  First you live in a probable target area, you will be instructed to evacuate with your family.  In the second situation, you may be living in an area located in the path of fallout.

In either case, whether you will evacuate or take refuge in your own home, all utilities and supplies could be cut off or seriously curtailed for many days.

During this time you will require water, food, and other essentials in order to survive.

In case evacuation is ordered, it will be necessary to have everything packed and ready to move on short notice.

If you take refuge, you will be confined for several days and therefore your requirements must be stored and checked ahead of time.

This pamphlet contains suggestions for your emergency pack.

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