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Canada CD Tell the Public (1957)

Canada CD Tell the Public (1957)
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Canada CD Tell the Public (1957) is a Document to help Canadian Civil Defense Personal handle the media and public information.

It is a little hard to read.

Canada’s civil defense measures evolved over time. As with many other matters in Canada, responsibility is shared between the federal and provincial government.  The first post-WWII civil defence coordinator was appointed in October 1948 “to supervise the work of federal, provincial and municipal authorities in planning for public air-raid shelters, emergency food and medical supplies, and the evacuation of likely target areas”.

In 1959, the Government of Canada, under John Diefenbaker handed authority for civilian defense to the Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO).  Large fallout shelters, known as “Diefenbunkers” were built at rural locations outside major cities across Canada at the height of the Cold War during the infancy of the ICBM threat.

The EMO then became Emergency Planning Canada in 1974, then Emergency Preparedness Canada in 1986. In February 2001, the Government replaced Emergency Preparedness with the Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness (OCIPEP), responsible for civilian emergency planning in both peace and war.

Among the “Core Missions” of the Canada First Defense Strategy (under the Canadian Department of National Defense) are to respond to terrorist attacks and other crises such as natural disasters.[5] According to the Emergency Management Act, the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness is responsible for exercising leadership relating to emergency management in Canada by coordinating, among government institutions and in cooperation with the provinces and other entities, emergency management activities.[6]

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