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Cheap Gun Plan

Cheap Gun Plan
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Cheap Gun Plan is a PDF that covers how to make a homemade zip gun.  While I am sure that it works, I am also sure I don’t want to risk my cheap gun plan causing me to use my expensive health plan.

I know guns are expensive, but I don’t care how broke you are, if you live in America you can hustle up enough to by a Hi-Point.

Anyway the PDF starts by saying:

Guns are expensive. This is a way to make a cheap one-shot gun for self defense. You won’t be able to get off more than one shot, as it takes time to reload, but it’s the shot no one knows you have. The materials you need are as follows:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Cheap Gun Plan”]

Also in the event you are interested, all of these gun documents I am posting can be found on the disk I have listed to your left.  Additionally to the hundreds of documents I have posted, I have hundreds of gun patents (mostly suppressors) as well as class PowerPoints and targets. all for $5.

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