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Chemical Experiments (1895)

Chemical Experiments
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Chemical Experiments is from 1895 and was written by Ira Remson a Professor of Chemistry at John Hopkins, and Wyatt Randall, and Associate Professor in the same Department.

THIS book has been prepared for use as a laboratory guide to accompany the study of Remsen’s ” Introduction to the Study of Chemistry.” The experiments included in the course are essentially those in the last edition of the “Introduction.” Minor changes have
been made in many of them ; essential changes in a few. If the directions are followed, the average student will experience no difficulty in carrying them out successfully.

The numbering of the experiments in the ” Introduction” has been followed in this book; additional experiments have been inserted, and designated as “15a,” “25a,” “256,” etc. In the latter class will be found a small number of experiments not contained in the “Introduction,” but which have been inserted here in accordance with the recommendation of the Committee on Secondary School Studies, whose report was published by the United States Bureau of Education in 1893. As many of the experiments there recommended have been inserted as seemed to the authors to be of advantage to the student following this course.

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