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Chemical Experiments without a Textbook

 Chemical Experiments without a Textbook
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Chemical Experiments without a Textbook was written in 1895 and is designed to be used alone or with a text book.

THE rapid growth of the laboratory method of teaching chemistry since the author’s Manual was issued in 1888 has called for a larger and more comprehensive work of a similar sort for high schools, academies, and colleges. To such a call the present book
is a response.

In preparing the experiments the author has endeavored, first, to select such as are most instructive and best illustrate the subject without being too elaborate ; second, to arrange them in an order calculated to lead up by the most natural and easiest steps to a knowledge of the science ; third, to make the subject fascinating by giving just enough information and suggestion to interest the experimenter, and to make him work for the knowledge to be

Finally, the author has aimed to make the book simple enough for the dull and slow pupil, and by the introduction of
supplementary and original work elaborate enough for the most acute. Great care has been taken to give minute and accurate directions for performing the experiments.

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