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Chemistry (1863, 1874, & 1884)

Chemistry (1863, 1874, & 1884)
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So these Chemistry manuals are old, one is exactly 100 years older than I am, and another one is 100 years older than my wife.  I will let you guess which is which.

I know I have been uploading a lot of these manuals on chemistry, and it may be something you are not interested in.  However, each book is a little different and something can be gleaned from each one.

The 1863 volume (my wife was NOT born in 1963….) has an interesting comment on the large amount of previous chemical works.  It basically say why another Chemistry book – well some are full of arcane symbols and terms, and others are written so technically they confuse the layman.  The Authors of this one said that they find no reason why the science of chemistry can not be simply explained so that the common man could grasp the concepts.

I like that.  Authors of Chemistry Manuals are not inherently smarter than you or I am, they just have specialized knowledge.  I can’t see a reason why any of my readers could now be a chemistry professor if they had the desire to be one.

Chemistry (1863)
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Chemistry (1874)
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Chemistry (1884)
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