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Chemistry for Students (1868)

Chemistry for Students (1868)
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Chemistry for Students (1868) is intended to supply to Students of Chemistry an outline of the most interesting and useful facts pertaining to the Science, and of the most important
ideas which have been got from a study of those facts.

The method of exposition differs from that which is adopted in most other treatises of .Chemistry; for I describe and compare individual facts, so as to lead the mind of the reader towards general principles, instead of stating the general principles first and then proceeding to illustrate
them by details.

The book is intended for the use of beginners in Chemistry, and also of Students who, having made some progress in the Science, wish to have an outline of the chief facts and theories of mineral and of organic Chemistry. Those who wish to proceed further and to obtain full particulars of any one part of the subject, will need to consult such books as Gmelin’s Handbook, Watts’s Dictionary, Miller’s Elements, Gerhardt’s Traite* de Chimie organique, or Kekule^s admirable Lehrbuch der organischen Chemie.

It is not intended as a substitute for vivd voce and experimental teaching, but rather as a guide and aid to Students and Teachers. A judicious Teacher will amplify the brief explanations and descriptions which I give; and will show experimentally the reactions and transformations which I mention. A Learner who wants to recall to mind what he has seen and heard may refer to the book for the substance of it.

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