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Clayco Aks Sport Firearm Manual

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Today we post the firearm manual for the extremely rare 1984 Clayco Aks Sport AK47. They are one of the earliest imports if not possibly even the first semi-auto AK47-type rifles to hit the US.

This rifle is a preban 100% Made in China by Norinco and imported before they started importing other Norincos and Polytechnology rifles.

They were available with a standard fixed stock (black fiber-reinforced phenolic), or as an underfolder. The fixed stock guns were made at Ling Hua Arsenal and had polished bolts and bolt carriers.

The Clayco’s are rumored to have been manufactured as close to Chinese military guns as possible.

These rifles are called “Claycos” because of their importer: Clayco Sports of Clay Center, Kansas.

I know a pretty cool article from the weaponsman talking about the history of AK inports into the United States, and if you know the Clayco, then I bet you will find it interesting.

I have a lot of AK manuals and documents in the Weapons subcategory of the Free PDF section.  Just know that while information is legal, trying to use that knowledge to convert a semi to a full is illegal.  I do not want you to try it.  The only reason it would be acceptable is in the event zombies aliens and Chinese communists invaded and you had to pull a red dawn.  Of course as soon as we won back our country I would fully expect the BATFE to indict you.

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