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College Textbook of Chemistry (1919)

College Textbook of Chemistry (1919)
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This College Textbook of Chemistry is designed, more especially, for students of the Freshman or Sophomore years in college who have not studied chemistry in the High School. As with all textbooks for beginners, two purposes have been constantly kept in mind while writing the book:
the presentation of a few of the multitude of chemical facts which touch our modern life, in such a manner that they can be clearly understood, and the discussion of the theories and principles around which all our chemical knowledge is grouped. The teacher of chemistry is embarrassed by the vast and ever increasing amount of knowledge at his disposal and is often tempted to present many more topics than the student can possibly remember. In trying to avoid this difficulty many facts ordinarily included in an elementary textbook have been omitted and those which are given
are brought as far as possible into close logical relations.

The summary at the close of each chapter is a somewhat unusual feature of the book. It is hoped that these summaries will be found useful. Success in the study of chemistry depends especially on the ability to learn new facts in their relation to those which have already been acquired and on the cultivation of a
logical as distinguished from an arbitrary memory. The exercises at the close of each chapter and questions occasionally
inserted in the text are designed to assist the student in this direction. These, and similar exercises prepared by the teacher, should be given very careful attention in the class room.

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