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Contemporary Chemistry (1911)

Contemporary Chemistry
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The 1911 book, Contemporary Chemistry is intended to give a bird’s-eye view of the whole field of modern chemistry. A subject  distinguished for the diversity of its methods and the isolation of many of its important results is one which naturally presents considerable difficulties to any attempt at a concise summing-up. But a readable summary, however inadequate, is so obviously desirable in the interests of chemistry and (more especially) its allied sciences that the author has ventured to essay the task with such assistance as the excellent chemical publications of the day and the kindness of some of the acknowledged leaders of chemical research placed at his disposal.

The aim throughout has been to include the latest phase of each subject, down to the end of 1910. Where new terms and conceptions have arisen, these are defined and explained, so as to bridge the gap between the chemical teaching of the last generation and the schools of the present

Special attention has (largely for personal reasons) been paid to physical chemistry and to current attempts at physical and electrical theories of chemical phenomena, in the belief that such theories bear within them the germs of future discoveries.

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