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Conversations on Chemistry (1822)

Conversations on Chemistry (1822)
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Conversations on Chemistry (1822) has a bit of a different feel than typical 1800 textbooks.  The author is a female, and writes this book to give a chemistry introduction to other women.

In venturing to offer to the public, and more particularly to the female sex, an introduction to Chemistry, the author, herself a woman, conceives that some explanation may be required ;
and she feels it the more necessary to apologize for the present undertaking, as her knowledge of the subject is but recent, and as she can have no real claims to the title of chemist.

On attending for the first time experimental lectures, the author found it almost impossible to derive any clear or satisfactory information from the rapid demonstrations which are usually,
and perhaps necessarily, crowded into popular discourses of this kind. But frequent opportunities having afterwards occurred of conversing with a friend on the subject of chemistry, and of repeating a variety of experiments, she became better acquainted with the principles of that science, and began to feel highly interested in its pursuit. It was then that she perceived,
in attending the excellent lectures delivered at the Royal Institution, by the present Professor of Chemistry, the great
advantage which her previous knowledge of the subject, slight as it was, gave her over others who had not enjoyed the same means of private instruction. Every fact or experiment attracted her attention, and served to explain some theory to
which she was not a total stranger ; and she had the gratification to find that the numerous and elegant illustrations, for
which that school is so much distinguished, seldom failed to produce on her mind the effect for which they were intended.

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