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Cyclopedia of American Agriculture

Cyclopedia of American Agriculture
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The Cyclopedia of American Agriculture is a popular survey of the agricultural conditions, practices, and ideals in the United States in Canada in the early 1900’s

As such it shows how farmers produced food well before the industrial factory farms of modern times.  They were able to feed the country without all the fertilizers and feedlots we use today.

The food may not have been as cheaply produced, and it wasn’t as “efficient” as modern techniques, but the food was of better quality – food produced using the old methods would be considered premium “organic” produce.

If you look at the list of references and “collaborators” to this work, you will see that the authors worked extremely hard to produce an accurate and quality document that showcased the techniques of the time.

If you are interested in homesteading, there is a lot you can learn from old books like this, a typical 40 acre and a mule farm of the late 1800’s has much more in common with a modern American homesteader with 5-10 acres than a modern factory farmer tending to thousands of acreas using a tractors that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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